Terms and materials
Latoderzhateli - plastic nozzle for attachment to the metal armor or wooden frame. In French clamshells used latoderzhateli on round tube diameter 25mm, which are attached by one screw. In clamshells used latoderzhateli that differ structurally from latoderzhateley used in the transformation mechanisms with other types of addition. In the middle of the pocket, which is inserted lat set latch that holds the batten in latoderzhatele.
Plate - Curved elements in the soft furnishings that give the springy properties seats and sometimes the backs of sofas and chairs. Technology of production of armor is very similar to the technology of production of plywood. The only difference - blanks for armor is a small, just 2.3 inches of bending. Due to this bending, which is set initially lateral, the lat springy, like spring. Plate of French clamshell differ in thickness from the Latin used in other types of folding mechanisms.
Fillers - they are responsible for the shape. The more time we spend on the couch, the more carefully you should choose its form. The basic quality of fillers - elasticity, that is, the ability to quickly restore its original state after deformation, with no need to lose such a quality as softness. As fillers are still using natural materials, ie springs with horsehair and down, but this furniture is high in price. In series production, calculated on the average price level, mainly synthetic materials - foam or scientific - foam. It comes in two types - soft (mattress) and hard - molded polyurethane, which are made of shape armrests or headrests. You should know that for the polyurethane seat (lying) should have a density of at least 30 kg / m ³.
As spacers between the polyurethane foam and padding polyester fabric is used, well-known for warm jackets.
Other fillers, appeared on the market recently include: fayberform, dyurafil, britfil (76/0, 76/1, 76/2). All are made from 100% of polyester fiber and owns the trademark "Holofayber", we all know it under the name "sintepuh." This artificial filler has high elasticity, durable. This furniture is easy to restore the form, moreover, it retains heat and has a venting properties. This filler will not absorb moisture and does not retain odors.
Analogue of the "sintepuha" is "komforel" made the corporation "Dupont".
Padding - the most expensive piece of furniture (an average of 70% of the cost). Upholstery material is divided into two types: natural and artificial.
From natural materials using only the skin. Most of the upholstery of sofas and chairs are cow leather, buffalo, calf, which must be flexible, equally small thickness, wrinkle-free, have a uniform velvety sheen. Thinner than the skin, so it is more enjoyable and flexible, but at the same time, the thin skin requires more careful attention. And if you live in a house cat, most likely, the skin is contraindicated. Is such furniture is not cheap.
Artificial leather, sometimes looks better than natural, but a lot cheaper.
The most common type of upholstery - fabric. The main characteristics of such fabrics as follows: high wear resistance, low pilinguemost (resistance to the formation of pellets), resistance to UV (not fade in the sun), the ability to not stretch (otherwise it will sag). For natural fabrics include satin, linen and wool. They have special properties: dirt-and water repellency, fire protection. There are specially designed fabric with Teflon treatment that repel grease, dirt, tea, coffee, wine, milk. In the upholstery can be present mohair, silk, lycra, can be natural, mixed and synthetic fibers. Popular artificial suede, pleasant to the touch and durable, as well as velvet, jacquard, chenille, tapestry, microfiber, stretch.
If you look in the section sofa, you can see a layer cake of various fillers. For example, fiber pillow, wrapped in a special fabric, and then goes padding or spring box, covered with a layer of foam, followed by a layer of insulating fabric, and then you upholstery. Conscientious manufacturers do not skimp on the layers. As a result, the furniture comes not cheap, but it will serve for many years, "hacks" offer cheaper products, as very much to save on materials, so expect something good such furniture is not necessary.