Operating Guidelines
High humidity (over 70%) leads to a distortion of a wooden frame and corrosion mechanism of transformation.
You should avoid the use of soap, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, ammonia and other chemical solutions.
You can not produce sharp and strong movement during the opening of the product.
To avoid bias, install furniture on uneven ground, and if irregularities are compensated by their respective base pads under furniture.
Never use a hair dryer and heaters to dry the upholstery in leather.
Upholstered furniture should be at least 30cm from the heat radiators or other heat sources.
Be put on the upholstered in leather or fabric surfaces are hot, bulky items with sharp corners.
Avoid direct sunlight on upholstery fabric or leather, so you prevent premature burnout color fabric or leather.
Use clean furniture cleaner twice a month.
After transporting the furniture at low temperatures, it is necessary to leave packed at least 24 hours so that the skin is completely regained its elasticity.