• Because sofas mechanism of "accordion" are high, wide and flat bed, they are perfect for a night's rest. The mechanism can easily be expanded on the basis of an accordion. Sofa "Comfort" bw "Accordion"
  • Actions: slightly raised seat until it clicks into place, push it to the complete decomposition of bed (or it leaves itself forward)
  • Pros: reliability, assembled it takes a minimum of space, much of the value of bed, linen drawers are possible.
  • Cons : need enough space for transformation.
AMERICAN clamshell (Sedafleks "Sedaflex")
  • mechanism "Sedaflex" in the couch "Turin"
  • Actions: pull mechanism up and toward you, to deploy units, the transformation is on steel legs - sofa decomposed.
  • Pros: more durable compared to the French camp bed mechanism sofa "Sedafleks", suitable for regular use.
  • most durable mechanism, designed for frequent transformation.


  • withdrawable mechanism "carat" in spring unit
  • Actions: by pulling the strap flat seat, pull out sofa to complete the expansion (in the transformation of the front part pulls the rest).
  • Pros: the highest reliability among all the mechanisms of transformation, compact when folded and a big bed - unfolded.
  • Cons: bed height is slightly lower than normal.


  • mechanism used mainly in corner sofas. One part of the bed "Dolphin" - a seat. The second is contained in a special pull-out section, located under the seat.
  • mechanism "dolphin" in the corner sofa "Monarch"
  • Actions: by pulling the strap flat seats, push it to the complete decomposition.
  • Pros: a big bed, flat bed surface, easy transformation.


  • One of the most popular to date machinery. "Evroknizhka" can be considered one of the most durable and long-lasting transformation mechanisms.
  • mechanism of transformation "Evroknizhka"
  • Actions: roll (or draw) facing seat sofa, a gradual change back from a vertical to horizontal position (lowered to make room) - sofa decomposed.
  • Pros: the ease of transformation, a more even (unlike the book) sleeper, reliability, size bed, the presence of drawers for clothes, the opportunity to put the sofa against the wall.
  • Features: is desirable orthopedic lat spring unit or molded flexible polyurethane foam in the soft elements of the backrest and seat.


  • is an advanced analog mechanism of "book." However, the construction of the "Click-Clack" provides additional intermediate back "Relax" (or even two of its variants), through which a person can be in the half-sitting and reclining.
  • Sofa "Troika bw" click-clack "
  • Actions: from the "sofa" overturn mechanism back in his hand in the frame seat, squeeze the seat to the second click, spreading to the "bed", "half-sitting».
  • Pros: has three positions ("sitting", "semi-sitting", "lying") is compact, there is a box for clothes and almost perfectly flat bed.

clamshell (French clamshell)

  • most fashionable in terms of design sofas have exactly these mechanisms. Reliance folding mechanism can be of armor, belt or wire mesh on top of which is usually of high-strung awning fabric that provides extra strength and design flexibility. Best recognized feet of armor. At the same right if battens are not along, and across the bed.
  • "French" mechanism of transformation in the couch "Ancona"
  • Actions: to remove small items (pillows, arms) from the seat, pull the gear up and out on the deployed units, the transformation is on steel legs - sofa decomposed.
  • Pros: , folded sofa does not take up much space.
  • Cons: is the inability to achieve a level surface when unfolded, so do not use every day, such as the guest option; the need to remove small items from the couch every time before the transformation, no drawers for clothes