How to choose a sofa?
Sofa thing is very important and useful, so he, like all furniture is bought for years. By choosing a sofa and chair we treat with special predilection.
To find a sofa that will make your home more comfortable and better, you need to choose a good furniture store. Buy a sofa in a precarious position - is to act on a "miser pays twice." It is a fact that the cost of furniture to 50% - that materials and components. The Company «BISSO» as not to save. We were able to maintain affordable prices by improving internal processes and improve productivity. Besides a good salon - is not only confidence in the product, but also positive emotions from the process of selection.
Appointment of furniture. To make it easier to navigate the variety of furniture, which prompted many companies, you need to decide why you need a sofa, and determine the minimum set of requirements. If you need an item called "three in one" (sofa bed and storage space), then pay attention to the couch "Christian" or "Colin" - a daily sleep sofas for a large number of boxes for storage. Here, in the most diverse and bold designs take into account all the requirements for a functional. But sofas "VEST" and "Valencia" is for full living rooms, halls, or classrooms. If lack of space in the house, offer sofas "Valeo" and "Porto" - is for everyday sleep sofas. A consistently high level of design, truly good taste and comfortable fit - in the foreground.
Of what made sofa couch ... When you need to find out what materials are used in the manufacture? Natural wood and plywood guarantees reliability and durability. In addition, furniture frames with environmentally friendly. Very important in the upholstered furniture is filler. The company «BISSO» uses polyurethane foam of various densities of high quality, which is over 8 years of operation shrinks by 10%. Last, if you buy a sofa, a corner or a set of upholstered furniture, your furniture should be as comfortable to sit on. To do this, our range offers sofas with bolsters and lumbar cushions filled with synthetic padding, or siliconized sintepuhom balls.
Size matters. Behind previously defined with dimensions sofa suitable for your room. It's a shame, "leak" between the sofa and the cabinet and there is a severe shortage of available square meters. Therefore, in future, the room was spacious, at the time of choosing a sofa to accommodate the size of the room and the location of doors. All this is very important.
How to turn the sofa into a bed? You already have an idea for what the sofa where you install it. You know, if you need to use the mechanism of transformation of every day, or a "flip in reserve", which is necessary for the guests. Now ask the consultant to show how you are interested in expanded bed, and then try to arrange it themselves.
Choosing a sofa soul ... Agree "convenient one" does not mean "convenient to all." Everyone has their own idea of ​​comfort. For someone - it's incredibly soft landing for someone - on the contrary, more resilient, for third-exclusive soft leather furniture. Besides, there are many issues, such as seat depth, backrest and more. The Company «BISSO» furniture presented by the manufacturer with different ergonomics, so you can easily find yourself on the sofa like. To understand the model is right for you or not, it is necessary to sit on the sofa, as you would sitting at their home.
Selection of accessories. Legs of upholstered furniture can be a bright accent or an elegant addition in the form of a sofa. They may be different in form and made of different materials - wood and metal. Wood on wooden legs should be strong, and polish them smooth. On metal legs should be applied hard chrome mirror that does not scratch the legs. All legs of sofas «BISSO» equipped with protective supports, which saves floor.
And most importantly, upholstery. The interior upholstery «BISSO» You will find sofas and chairs in many shapes and styles. You will have an exciting process of choosing upholstery. Often with the help of material and decor can completely change the way the sofa. Of course, the original form of the sofa set its own criteria, somewhere - looks better leather and plain fabrics, somewhere with a big fabric geometric or floral designs. Such nuances need to consider to choose upholstery sofa decorated form and emphasize its advantages.
P.S. Make the right choice, following our recommendations, but remember that the joy of low price lasts much less than bitterness of low quality! Let new furniture serves you for a long time, brings joy and keeps cosiness!