Factory production of upholstered furniture «BISSO» - is the result of years of experience of many people, the real masters, passionately enthusiastic about their work, ranging from craft workshops and ending with mass production, we have always paid special attention to the quality and aesthetic view of our products. Conscientious attitude to work and high level employees make our sofas unique.
Today furniture factory «BISSO» - this is 25 people, aspiring to successful business development and continuous improvement of products, which will make your home more comfortable and brighter. Also note customers a wide collection of different tissues:

More than 300 articles of which are updated annually by half.
Special attention is paid to the wood. Pretreated wood and dried by a special process and then conditioning. Such timber never "lead", it will retain its strength and configuration for decades.

Soft elements are made of several kinds of high resilient polyurethane foam with different densities. This technique enables the most comfortable fit, while soft and elastic, and the form of pillows Fast recovery and preserves the original appearance throughout the life of the sofa.
All the mechanisms of transformation used in the models are pre-tested for strength and durability, withstand the dynamic forces. We try to provide the best products to our customers, which is why carefully choose suppliers of materials and components. Our partners are the leading enterprises of Ukraine and Russia.
We value each customer's preferences, and therefore provides a model, made in different styles. New models are being developed Designers Furniture Factory «BISSO».
To date, the total range includes over 30 models of sofas, chairs and beds. Our factory is at your disposal and the acquisition of furniture. We are always pleased to provide the following services:
▫ furniture repair accidentally damaged by the buyer;
▫ re-upholstery;
▫ delivery lost or damaged items.
All requests are carefully examined and, if they are technically feasible, the client sends information about their value.