About the Company

At all times, people tend to create from his home cozy haven where you can dissolve as the sand in the sea, forgetting the worries of the day bustle, soak up the atmosphere of harmony between man and the interior, and then again go to great achievements. Interior largely reflects your mood, outlook, tastes, habits, hobbies, and of course the status - it is a direct indicator of not only the material, but the personal solvency. Create the interior of your dreams, expressing your individuality. Visit the online store Furniture BISSO!
Today, furniture stores offer a wide range of furniture, but if you do not want to gild the lily to visit a huge number of furniture stores, stand traffic, do not get any pleasure from shopping, then welcome to the furniture showrooms "BISSO"!
Upholstered furniture factory «BISSO» Ukrainian market appeared relatively recently, but this small way of innovation and success of the factory, accompanied by constant love buyers.
Factory «BISSO» manufactures upholstered furniture of various kinds in several price ranges. With this collection of «BISSO» You can always find sofas and other upholstered furniture, ideal for you. Upholstered furniture factory «BISSO» building its regional network of dealers. We welcome cooperation with wholesale customers and partners in different regions of Ukraine. If the store «BISSO» is not yet in your town, you can use our online furniture store.
Upholstered furniture factory «BISSO» - a symbiosis of the best traditions of furniture production and the latest technology. All products are factory sofas «BISSO» is made of high quality materials. Upholstered furniture embodies the modern ideas of comfort, fill your house will be a true comfort and stylistic dominate the living room, lounge, restaurant, office.
Our portfolio includes models with different mechanisms of transformation: "Evroknizhka", "Tick-tock", "dolphin", "Aknar" (long "Dolphin"), "French cot", "Sedofleks" etc. Upholstery of sofas made of natural or synthetic modern durable fabric. Careful design of all models. With a variety of models and upholstery fabric sofas and other furniture factories «BISSO» easy to match any interior.
Upholstery shop «BISSO» constantly monitors for new ideas in the field of furniture manufacturing, and brings their own ideas, which is perfectly fitting into our lives. We always offer customers new ideas and solutions, improving our work and service.
We are doing all that you can enjoy the perfect design and excellent comfort of the furniture, choosing the furniture from the furniture factory «BISSO», you choose a high quality, which is proved by time.