Poof «Plaza»

To buy poof, determine their function and location in the interior. In the living room are usually taken low ottomans complete with sofas, respectively, of the same height and below them are made in the same material. The same height, these products are purchased for the hall, it was convenient to put on and take off your shoes while sitting on them. You can buy a poof and for other purposes, but you must remember that it is a low altitude and, say, the bedroom is preferable to buy a mid-sized furniture. Length of stay in it determines the size, not allowing zatech feet. The highest of all - it poof kitchens. This ottoman to buy, since it corresponds to the ergonomic height kitchen table. Given the difficult operating conditions, they should be easy to clean and wash. Optimally produce their faux and real leather.

Dimensions: 400 * 400 * 430