Sofa «RICH»

This sofa - a typical representative of the now traditional classics. Among all upholstered furniture BISSO, model sofa "RICH" stands noble and true luxury, embodied in a variety of specific details that are perfectly combined with each other. Robust housing made of special high-quality furniture and plywood timber.

Heat noble tree is fitting upholstery leather or expensive fabric made in Italy. Casually hanging brush portrait complement exquisite and expensive things that can adorn the most richly decorated interior. Eastern touch product gives a lot of soft, decorative cushions, providing convenience and comfort during landing. Manufacturers offer various options of leather upholstery and fabrics to choose a buyer. The vast variety of colors, patterns, textures, that is, the full will of your imagination.

manufacturing technology sofa different parts reasonableness internal filling sofa, in particular, the combination of different types of materials. The filler used in polyurethane foam with strips of padding polyester for greater softness. Sofa "RICH" has kudobnoy universal. Transformation mechanism can be used daily and allows no time to get out of a soft and comfortable sofa bed.

sofa dimensions: 2160mm x 1100mm x 820mm

Sleeper: 2000mm x 1600mm