Sofa «Versaille»

Sofa "Versailles" has a unique charm, thanks to the use in upholstery buttons. This model is not exactly stay in the shade - it is simply impossible to ignore. Classical influences is clearly visible in the decoration of the armrests characteristic swirls. Overall, this is a lovely sofa, creating around him an aura of glamor and pure luxury. In addition to the exquisite appearance, it can be appreciated for ergonomic shape. A soft pillow to feel the need to. If the royal splendor of the interior you prefer uncluttered restraint, austerity buttons, replacing the scintillation crystals. Manufacturers offer a sofa in polyurethane foam in an expensive fabric performance.

Sofa "Versailles" in the standard version is 205 cm in length, can lengthen the possible transformation of three-seater sofa by 30 cm! You can order a supply of chairs, in addition to the sofa. Chair on wooden legs, is a replica of the couch, in a reduced form, length 113 cm and a depth of 95 cm

sofa dimensions: 2050mm x 950mm x 750mm

Sleeper: 1800mm x 1360mm

dimensions chair: 1130mm x 950mm x 750mm