Sofa «Consul»

family upholstery BISSO added another his agent - a great sofa "Consul." If you like leather corner sofas and armchairs that this model will be difficult to deny the expressiveness and beauty. He literally at first sight captivates its elegance. Original, unique design sofa perfectly with its impressive size and wealth of the upholstery. Only true fans of luxury able to appreciate this model sofa. This sofa is designed for people like respectable, who appreciate, above all, quality and comfort. Standard design sofa involves the location and layout of the wall ahead.

Delivery couch "Consul" in a modified, angular design. Sofa has the same high quality, a lot more functionality and stunning spaciousness. The unique design and a wealth of models draped elegantly highlighted on the arms and expressive lines of the relief piping sofa. Interior model "Consul" is available in leather and fabric design - the choice of the customer, which, however, a lot of impact on the cost of the sofa. As a filler, like many sofas, used foam. They are filled with all the details of the sofa. Polyurethane foam shapes the product, and the amount of luxury is achieved by adding impurities in several layers, such as: parka, sintepuh. Leather corner sofas and chairs perfectly fill vacancies of your home and give it even more special comfort.


armrest: 300 * 950 * 600

seat module:

module sofa -3: 1640 * 950 * 800

bed: 1800 * 1360

module ottoman: 820 * 800 * 2000

corner module: 1000 * 1000 * 800

Consul coffee table: 1000 * 1000 * 280