Sofa «Toledo»

Sofa model "Toledo" definitely interested in those who used to be active and dynamic life, but want to always have the necessary supply of vitality and strength. This sofa is designed in such a way that even a short vacation will be most useful and retrievable. A dream - a deep and sweet. After all, for an interesting and eventful life that you used to carry, everything should be on the highest level, including holidays.

Why you should pay attention on this model? The frame, made of natural softwood plywood and furniture increased strength, give the sofa a special reliability, durability and resistance to virtually any stress. And environmental materials make "Toledo" safe for your health;

mechanism of transformation "withdrawable" allows no extra effort, quickly and easily, to turn the sofa into a comfortable, soft, comfortable and very spacious bed Underwear storage box, which is equipped with sofa, large and roomy, you can store in it all that is necessary for a comfortable sleep and rest.

mattress has orthopedic properties, gently support your body, distributing the load so that your sleep was not only a "sweet", but also healthy;

wide range of upholstery materials will allow you to determine what will be your sofa.

sofa dimensions: 2700mm * 1070mm * 900mm

bedroom. Place: 2000mm * 1600mm