Kolin № 1

«Colin" - embodies a new approach to the functionality of the sofa. It is now possible to use the arms as separate, independent elements of the interior of the couch or as a cozy little job, it all depends on your desire. Spacious bed for sleep everyday, comfortable cushions make you feel comfortable with rollers in your home like a sofa, ottoman equipped with a spacious box for clothes.

frame is made of softwood (pine), held together with white glue, staples and screws. Folding system - "Evroknizhka." Pillow under the back detachable and made of several layers of different density foam for maximum comfort. Soft seating element consists of foam, fiber and padding polyester upholstery fabric, mounted on a wooden frame with soft passes. Sofa can complement both long and short ladders armrests. Pad on the box is made of wood, beech. Supports are made of fine wood (ash).

dimensions with a long sofa armrest: 2360mm x 1950mm x 940mm

Sleeper: 2000mm x 1600mm

padded stools Dimensions: 720mm x 720mm x 450mm