Sofa «Bridge»

bold, practical and original model - sofa Bridge. Framework for the model Bridge made of solid wood. Tight curly parts armrest made of specially cut foam. Filler for the sofa is an environmentally friendly polyurethane foam. In couch Bridge as a soft layer is used parka that has a large amount due to the presence of elastic, hollow fiber, curled chemically. Sintepuh not crushed, holds its shape well and restores it after each use of the couch. And seats and cushions are surprisingly soft - with this sofa do not want to get up.

original look shelf sofa. Options for using the upholstery, at the discretion of the customer's couch. Manufacturers offer upholstery fabrics made in Italy, with natural additives and Teflon treatment. Possible to supply angular sofa option that provides a great opportunity to save floor space.

as standard, and a corner sofa Bridge modification can be equipped with additional elements, interior seating. Mode allows you to get a sleeper, width 155 cm

Dimensions: 2800mm * 1930mm * 1000mm

Sleeper: 1950mm * 1550mm