Porto sofa and chair

"Porto" - it is a model that can meet the high demands of any customer .. Sofa and chair equipped with soft cushions, which distinguishes "Porto" among similar models on the furniture market. Sofa "Porto" has two degrees layout. Expanding it in half, you'll be able to take a comfortable position to rest comfortably ensconced in front of a TV and legs stretched at full length. Comfortable and durable mechanism layout stylish sofa converts into a full bed everyday. This couch, a system layout "elongated dolphin" that it can not allocate a large number of competitors. This model looks good in all colors and fabrics.

The set includes a sofa bed and two lounge chairs. Assembly of products produced by a mechanism of transformation, bolts, nuts, screws, glue and furniture staples. Products are installed on the four pillars of plastic round.

sofa bed consists of the frame, removable carriage and exit sides. The frame is made of softwood and plywood, connected by a PVA glue and mounting brackets. The carriage is mounted on the guide provided. Sidewall mounted on bolts. Chair provided for rest in the sitting position. It consists of a frame and removable side panels for easy transport and drift into the apartment.

Soft seating element consists of foam, a layer of synthetic padding and upholstery fabric, mounted on a wooden frame with soft passes. Pads on the arms are made of foam (contour cutting), specifically for this model, the soft element back on the basis of the framework with elastic belts filled with synthetic down, providing greater comfort when sitting.

sofa dimensions: 1800mm x 950mm x 980mm

Sleeper: 1900mm x 1380mm

dimensions chair: 950mm x 950mm x 980mm