Valeo corner with ottoman

new project, which is able to meet the high requirements of the buyer to the comfort, functionality, space requirements and ease of use. Corner sofa «Valeo» is available for the sitting and lying down. For the transformation of the sofa in the prone position used machinery "Evroknizhka" (a simple and reliable mechanism).

Sofa consists of a seat, the back, attached to the box, and the corner of the (Ottoman). All the components of the angular sofa made ​​of softwood and plywood, held together with metal mounting brackets, bolts, nuts and screws. Soft seating element consists of foam, fiber and padding polyester upholstery fabric, mounted on a wooden frame with soft passes. Spacious bed for sleep everyday, extra laundry basket will impress the most sophisticated buyer. Pillows give complete comfort and convenience when sitting.

sofa dimensions: 2300mm x 1600mm x 900mm

Sleeper: 2000mm x 1550mm